This spring the J. Paul Getty Museum asked me to create a series of drawings capturing the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Since my first visit at fifteen, this architecture icon has influenced how I think about art and design. Depicting it in just a few drawings was a daunting task.

I started by taking a step back: I thought about the one word that defines the Getty to me, that could serve as the focal point of the project, then moved forward from there.

The word I chose was ‘light.’ The Getty is made of 1.2 million square feet of travertine, a stone that reflects the Southern California light differently at every moment of the day. From a blinding white in peak sun to a warm glow in the afternoon, the Getty’s textured stone provides a canvas that rivals the artworks within.

My drawings capture one aspect of the Getty experience. For the full effect, you’ll have to visit.

My shop has a limited number of signed Getty prints available. Please also get in touch if you’re interested in a custom size.